MUTT is a part of my undergraduate thesis project and is a work in progress.
I have spent the last five months learning the art of oxford punch needling and gun-style tufting, doing material reserarch, sketching patterns, illustrating designs, cutting material, winding yarn, tufting, gluing, sealing, and trimming textiles into MUTT area rugs. MUTT is a home decor brand comprised of unique, hand-tufted wool area rugs made in Toronto. It aims to push the age-old practice of textile artwork toward a new demographic with avant garde designs and sustainable production.
My main goal was to explore our relationship with domestic objects through textile artwork — specifically, everyday objects like rugs that reside in such intimate settings as our bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Intentionally designed to resemble a pile of laundry and remain on one’s floor for years to come, these rugs ask us to reconsider what elements are unwelcome in our space as opposed to elements that are desired.  Pulling away from representational items in a typical laundry pile and toward organic and amorphous shapes, the MUTT rug serves as an abstraction of domiciliary mess.
These rugs are made with a combination of 100% wool yarn and an acrylic-wool blended yarn. The yarn was sourced locally in Toronto. MUTT is now sourcing exclusively recycled textiles for future pieces. The rugs are tufted onto cotton-based monk’s cloth and backed on recycled canvas with non-toxic latex adhesive. They are handmade by Natalie Korac using a traditional loop-pile rug making style. The rugs are each about half an inch thick and feel plush underfoot.
Photos to come.